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Upcoming Webinar by Dr. Morgan Giddings

" How to Address the Underlying Cause of Procrastination, Perfectionism, and Poor Prioritization"

Breaking Down Inner Resistance : Ohms Law - Not Just for Circuits Anymore

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What you DON'T want to happen in your career...

In this training you will learn

Why procrastination and perfectionism are symptoms of a deeper problem
The Real Consequences of allowing yourself to be over scheduled
The different symptoms of resistance and how to calculate your "Total Resistance Load" 
The hidden, long-term effects of this problem, and how to break it down into manageable steps that can be dealt with

Do you put things off to the last minute, struggle with perfectionism, or always find yourself over-scheduled, over-stressed and lacking time to pursue your important work?

In this Brand New Training, I share with you my recent discovery of how a Law of Physics can be applied to the way we work - to address the UNDER-LYING cause of procrastination - and what we can do about it.

Dr. Morgan Giddings

Dr. Morgan Giddings brought in over $23M in grant funding during her tenure as a professor of Bioinformatics at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Now, she is the creator of programs and courses like Grant Dynamo, Grant Foundry, and the Research Success Alliance - all designed to help research doctors and scientists reduce overwhelm and frustration while increasing career satisfaction and grant funding.

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