In This Video: Gaining Confidence - Breaking it down into manageable steps and strategies for better leadership and more (plus a bit of observation on the nature of reality).

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Confidence - Where do you have it?

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Try It for yourself ... These are the steps Morgan presents in the exercise at the end of the video

1. Identify areas were you lack confidence and also areas where you have it! 

2. Make sure to acknowledge and feel good about where you already are confident

3. Examine your behavior for "hidden" confidence issues

4. Prioritize - pick one area to work on vs. the whole topic at once

5. Create / Find support systems and strategies to help you stay on track  

This video is from a monthly Zoom Training call that was done for members of the Research Success Alliance Program. A key part of the program is examining how changing our inner thoughts and beliefs (such as gaining confidence) can lead to outer success, and how we go about doing that. 

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