Watch This if You Want to be More Productive with Less Stress

Why paying attention to your CORE is important if you want to get more done without being more stressed out

If you want help with getting clear on who you are at your core - your unique individuality - and how to align that with what you’re doing for optimal progress and enjoyment of your career….

Get the Core Productivity class for free
Along with direct coach feedback each week for 6 weeks as you work through the course, applying it to your life along the way
Then continue with training and coach feedback on other key pieces of your career in the Research Success Alliance Program

By the end of the 6 weeks, you will have implemented new strategies to reduce overwhelm and stress, and make way for those aspects of your career that bring more energy and enjoyment to your life.

Then you will have a year of support and accountability in RSA to keep up with your new strategies instead of falling back into old habits.

Core Productivity and RSA helps you:

Improve the clarity and quality of your research and professional direction

Learn how to supervise and mentor others with more alignment to your personal style

Be proactive in setting up the systems, strategies, and personal boundaries necessary for your success and satisfaction

Learn strategies to take care of your physical and mental health to support resilience.

Feel less overwhelmed,  less over-worked and less isolated.

Become more confident with your personal contributions, presence, and path.

See your distractions more clearly -- those things that don’t really matter to your own personal progress.

Identify the boundaries that you hold — or let slide — around pursuing your research and life in the way that best suits you.

Tune into why you’re really in a research career and use that to keep you motivated even when the going gets rough.

Understand how modes of thought and behavior exhibit a “resonance” with certain other people, and build on that to produce your best results.

In Addition - get direct training, coaching and feedback on your writing - including grant proposals and manuscripts - through the RSA writing courses and calls.

  1. Full access to the Grant Dynamo 2 training program  
  2. Two calls each month to get help with Grant Writing, Manuscripts and Presentations from our academic coaches
  3. Bring questions about overall strategy or implementation of writing skills you learn in our courses
  4. Submit pieces of your work for a potential live "hot seat" review
  5. Improve your skills in order to connect with your reviewers and receive more funding and recognition

Join Now & Get

Access to the Full Core Productivity course videos and worksheets to systematically assess yourself and uncover your authentic motivators

Six Core Productivity Calls in April and May 2021 to keep you on track, help you go deeper, provide support and offer an external “objective” voice on your subjective assessment

One Year of Membership in the Research Success Alliance Program to improve your leadership, grant writing, and productivity skills through training and coaching. 

Ongoing Membership for 1 year Includes:
Two calls each month to get help with grant writing, manuscripts, and presentations from our academic coaches. Submit your work for review and bring questions about strategy or implementation.
Two community support and coaching calls each month to get feedback on issues that matter to you: managing your lab, dealing with collaborators or colleagues, balancing career with family and outside life, improving your confidence and leadership, determining where mental beliefs or habits are holding you back and how to change them.
Deep insight into mindset and leadership on a monthly mindset call and/or recorded Q&A session.
FULL ACCESS to training courses on grant writing, productivity, creativity and more - access at your own pace.
24/7 online discussion and community group to get questions answered and connect with coaches and members of the community.

RSA Annual Tuition - Regularly $1980
Core Productivity Course - $497
Guided Coaching Sessions - $500
TOTAL - $2977  

Now $1470 through March 24 (save $1527)

+ Bonus - Optimism in Difficult Times Book

The Core Productivity Course starts soon.
 Registration for this special closes on March 24.

The timer has expired!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What have our clients gained from participating in the Research Success Alliance?

Confidence! - This is still a work in progress, but I no longer feel that having confidence is something I can only dream of. Now I feel more comfy in my own skin and skillsets, and places where I need work, I know there are actionable steps I can take. My grant writing - writing skills in general - have improved. And I am better at attracting people I want to work with, and creating boundaries.

Tanya Garcia


I feel less overwhelmed, less over-worked, less isolated. and more consistently productive (instead of a "boom and bust" cycle). The quality of both my manuscripts and my mentoring and supervising has improved, and these things are a lot more fun. My work is more aligned with my core interests, and I have a clearer sense of how to view my work in terms of contributing to the broader community.

Tamara Newton, 


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